Building it took over two years and I still consider it a prototype.
Initially this is just trying to determine the components that will be included and their placement.

First for construction was the ejection seat, made from 3/8 and 1/4 inch plywood cut by hand with a jig saw.

Seat covered in fiberglass cloth. I had never done fiberglass before and the internet wasn't much help back then.

Seat with epoxy resin in the cloth drying outside. As people have noted yes, my house has no front lawn but I am spending time building a flight simulator.

Building up the frame. The whole thing is designed to be modular to make it easy to move and modify.

As the sides and top come together, starting to see where sightlines to the MDF monitors will be.

This takes us to about August 2002. Click "Construction 2" to see the completion.